New Products

  New // Mr. Crappie Slo-Troller
The Mr.Crappie Troll Tech Slo-Troller is designed for slow trolling from the front or back of your boat up to 2 MPH. Troll Tech Pro-Troller is tied with #2 crappie hooks 18 inches apart with a Mr.Crappie Troll Tech Double swivel torpedo weight in the middle and a cross line swivel on top for “No More Tangles”!
  New // Double Drop Rig
The Mr.Crappie Double Drop Rigs are design to fish vertically,
Slow Troll or the technique called “Pushing”. The Double Drop Rig allows the angler to fish vertical or troll with two #2 hooks, 15 inches apart loaded up with Live Shiners.
New // Trolling Weight Kit with Snaps
The kit includes weights and snaps used often in the Great Lakes for anglers who are trolling in deep water for species such as salmon and trout. The advantage of this system is that the size of the weight can be changed easily and quickly without retying. The rubber snap also prevents line damage.
  New // Fish Head
Designed for Texas-rigging, Bullet Weights Fish Head sinkers are available in the traditional bullet-shaped weight to allow the rig to glide through weeds and bounce off rocks.
  New // Perch Rig
The tandem-hook rig is designed specifically to catch schooling perch. After baiting each hook, the rig is dropped to the bottom and then reeled up six to 12 inches.
New // Tungsten Carolina Rig
Tungsten Carolina Rigs come pre-assembled for quick and easy tie-on. Tungsten weights are much smaller than brass weights in the same size allowing you to fish heavy cover with fewer hang ups. The rigs are available in ½, ¾ and 1 ounce sizes.


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