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What began as a simple but unique idea, became the building block of one of the largest and most innovative sinker manufacturing companies in the United States.

Larry Crumrine, an engineer and avid fisherman, had the simple idea of designing a lead weight with a shape that could more easily be fished by bass anglers in heavy cover. He eventually developed a “bullet”-shaped sinker that would eventually become a staple among almost every angler in the world.

The uniquely shaped weight became the launching point in 1970 for Crumrine’s new company called Bullet Weights®, Inc. with the first manufacturing facility located in Grand Island, Nebraska. Crumrine promoted the new sinker vigorously through local and regional fishing tournaments and the product caught on quickly.

Larry’s son Doug started employment with the young company in 1972 operating machinery, fulfilling orders and overseeing shipment of product. With business picking up and new products being developed and produced, Bullet Weights moved their manufacturing facilities to Alda, Nebraska, in 1973.

Under Larry and Doug’s leadership the small company grew at a rapid pace, and Bullet Weights products were soon distributed nationally and internationally. Doug was named president of Bullet Weights in 1985 and Larry was Chairman of the Board. Doug eventually bought the company from his father in 1998.

The lead product line continued to grow rapidly with new products added each year. Then in 1995, Bullet Weights demonstrated its innovation as a company by adding Ultra Steel® and Ultra Tin™ products to its line. These products were offered to anglers as an alternative to lead, but more importantly as a line of sinkers that had their own unique fishing performance advantages. Some of the Ultra Steel products were also offered with patented PermaScent™ and PermaColor™ features.

The rapid growth of new and old product lines led to the expansion of a Bullet Weights manufacturing and distribution facility in nearby Loup City, Nebraska, in 1999. The headquarters remained in Alda and total employment of the company nearly reached 100.

Bullet Weights became a third-generation company in 2004 when Doug’s son (Larry’s grandson), Joe, was named president. Joe started part-time employment with Bullet Weights in 1994 and eventually was named director of marketing after becoming a full-time employee in 1998.

Today, Bullet Weights is one of the largest sinker manufacturers in the world and is reported to have the largest selection of fishing sinker products in the marketplace. Its products are distributed worldwide by major outdoor retailers, marine dealers, sporting goods stores and department stores.

Bullet Weights Timeline

1970 - Bullet Weights is founded by Larry Crumrine in Grand Island, Nebraska

1972 - Doug Crumrine starts with the company in order fulfillment, machine operator and distribution

1973 - Bullet Weights manufacturing plant moved to Alda, Nebraska

1985 - Doug Crumrine named president of Bullet Weights, Larry Crumrine is Chairman of the Board

1994 - Joe Crumrine, Doug’s son (Larry’s grandson), begins part-time employment at Bullet Weights, starting full-time in 1999

1995 - Bullet Weights introduces new Ultra Steel and Ultra Tin lead alternative product lines which include PermaScent and PermaColor features

1998 - Doug Crumrine purchases Bullet Weights from his father Larry

1999 - Bullet Weights opens expanded manufacturing and distribution center in Loup City, Nebraska; Bullet Weights total employment nearly reached 100

2000 - Sue Schmitt, employee since 1986, named vice president

2004 - Joe Crumrine named president of Bullet Weights, Doug Crumrine is Chairman of the Board
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